This contest is now closed and currently not accepting submissions.

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CreateSongwriter.com Staff

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Does my song have to be professionally recorded? No, you can even just sing your song a cappella into a cell phone or any recording device and upload/send on a CD. As long as we can make out the melody and lyrics are sent.
  2. Can I enter more than one song? Yes, you may enter multiple songs to show a variety of talent and styles of songwriting. A separate entry form, lyric sheet and payment must be included with each song.
  3. Can I enter more than one category? Yes, you may even enter the same song into multiple categories, just make sure the style intends to fit the genre of each category you are entering.
  4. Do I have to choose a category? No. One of your submission options is for a Singing News staffer to put your song into the category in which he/she feels it will complete the best.
  5. Is there an age limit? Yes, you must be 13 years of age or older.
  6. What if I am a professional? Everyone qualifies unless you have a current staff writing position with another publisher.
  7. What is the deadline? The Early deadline is September 1, 2014 by 11:59 pm (mailed entries postmarked by 9/1/14) and the final deadline is November 2, 2014 (mailed entries postmarked by 11/3/14).
  8. What is a critique? A critique is an extra service. If you pay extra for a critique, you will receive a written form from one of the judges, giving their feedback on your song. (Want maximum exposure? Enter at the Online Showcase level!)
  9. What is a posting? If you pay extra for a posting, your song will be uploaded on the CreateSongwriter.com contest website after the contest is over for extra exposure. SingingNews.com. SolidGospel.com, and our social networking outlets will continue to drive traffic to your postings. (Want maximum exposure? Enter at the Online Showcase level!)
  10. Do I have to pay for a critique or posting to enter the contest? No, you do not have to pay for a critique or posting to enter the contest, just the entry fee is required. Upgrading your entry with a critique, posting, or other add-on services will NOT affect the performance of your entry in the official contest and has no bearing on the judging process.
  11. What about this “Online Showcase” thing? You may choose to enter your song into our Online Showcase which will feature your submission as a free download at CreateSongwriter.com and offer you maximum exposure through dedicated promotional efforts from Singing News.
  12. Will I receive payment or royalties for downloads of my song(s) in the Online Showcase? No. By officially entering the contest you waive the right to collect any compensation for your music. This is merely for promotional purposes and to give your artistry exposure through the extension of our audiences.
  13. Why is there an entry fee? Entry fees go toward keeping Christian radio on the air.
  14. When will the winner be announced? The winner will be announced November 13, 2014.
  15. Do you have to submit a particular style of music? The official entry categories are for Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, and Country Gospel. You may enter any style of music, however, you may have a better chance of performance if your entries fall into one of those categories.
  16. Do I have to sing my own song? No, this is a song writing competition so anyone can sing your song for you. It is the lyrics and melody that will be judged.


If you have additional questions, please send an email to contests@salempublishing.com or call 615.312.4244, follow the prompts, and someone will return your call or get in touch with you via your preferred method as soon as possible.